Father turned in daughter for giving drugs to her newborn

Father turned in daughter for giving drugs to her newborn. (KUTV)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) - The father of a mother accused of giving her newborn baby drugs explained why he turned his own daughter in to police and is talking about what drugs can do to a person.

"She's made a terrible, terrible mistake and I'm just hoping she can understand this mistake and correct it," said Dave Hansen, the father of Lacey Christenson, 26.

Christenson was arrested last week along with her husband, Colby Wild, 29, by Utah County sheriff's deputies. They were accused of giving their newborn daughter drugs just hours after she was born.

Investigators said three of Christenson's four young children tested positive for drugs during further investigations.

"This is Lacey [I know], not that ugly picture on TV," Hansen said as he held up a graduation picture of his daughter. The "ugly" picture he's referring to is his daughter's mug shot that's appeared in news stories. "What that is on the TV is what drugs do to you, period."

Hansen, who lives in the old mining town of Mammoth, Utah, in Juab County, said his daughter was taught at a young age to stay away from drugs.

"I've raised them anti-drugs," Hansen said.

His daughter was on the honor roll every year in high school and was on the road to success after graduation. But then drugs took over her life, he said.

"The Lacey I know, there is no way she would do this to her kids. No way."

That's why he said he had no choice but to go to police when he learned of drug activity. He said he did it for her sake and the sake of his grandchildren.

"As a grandparent, I felt like it was my obligation. You may call it tough love, tough love so be it. If they want to be mad at me or whatever so be it, I don't care."

He hopes her story can send a message to others.

"The only thing you are ever going to find out with drugs is a real heartache," Hansen said. "It's an epidemic it needs to be stopped."

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