Student spends months making Valentine's for classmates at Troy High School

TROY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Too often, when high school students are in the news, it's usually not good news. But on this Valentine's Day, Troy High School is in the news for a very positive reason: spreading the love.

A student who wanted to remain anonymous took it upon herself to make sure everyone had something on this day dedicated to love. So she started working back in September, carefully folding hundreds of colorful origami hearts -- one for each student. Her hard work became public this morning as each student walked in today to find a heart hanging from their lockers.

Troy High School principal, Katherine Weaver, said not only did every student get a heart, but the person behind it all wrote a message on each "you are loved." Weaver said the student who created the hearts had help hanging them all up on the lockers after school on Monday. The school posted about the act of kindness on its Facebook page, getting hundreds of shares, likes and comments. Weaver said many students don't use their lockers daily, but today many couldn't wait to get to theirs and find their Valentine.

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