Fox 45's Team Tornado, here to alert, protect and empower you against the storm

Fox 45 Team Tornado

Fox45 is committed to help keep you safe - to alert you, help protect you and empower you. FOX45 Team Tornado is taking the Miami Valley by storm this spring! The team is visiting schools throughout the Miami Valley helping to educate students and their families on how they can be safe during severe weather.

The mission is simple. We want to get as many of you as we can prepared for the severe weather. Spring and early summer are prime time for severe weather in the Miami Valley. In fact, in late March and early April we experienced funnel clouds and an EF-0 tornado.

Find your safe spot in your home and know what to do if you are not home. You can find a copy of the storm Safe Spot sheet in the story below, we encourage you to print off the sheet, locate your Safe Spot and take a picture to share with us.

You can share your pictures of your family in their storm Safe Spot here.

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