Wright State has first mental skills coach in college baseball


DAYTON -- Before this season Wright State head coach Jeff Mercer made a one of a kind decision. He wanted to hire a mental skills coach for his team.

Mercer talked about how important the mental aspect was for him when he played and something he has preached to his team but took an unusual approach.

He hired Diamyn Hall to become the first full-time mental skills coach in college baseball.

Other programs have people that operate more on a consulting basis but Hall is there every day with all the players and knows them inside and out and has helped the team work on an aspect of the game that can't be seen on a stat sheet or really on the field to an untrained eye.

Hall is the program's mental skills development coordinator.

He said when he started his career he was not mentally sharp but when he got more into the mental side of things it took his game to another level.

Now he's sharing his knowledge with the Raiders who rave about the coach that's the first of his kind in college baseball.

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