Trotwood's unsung hero is ready for a State Title run

TROTWOOD, Ohio (WRGT) – The Trotwood Rams are in the boys basketball State Final Four for the second time in three years, and a part of the team's success comes from the play of Myles Belyeu. His team is identifying him as the unsung hero of the Rams strong play.

Belyeu’s teammates call him unselfish, and said he is putting the team ahead of his own play, all while averaging more than 18 points a game and 7 rebounds per contest. The junior added 16 points in the Rams Regional final blow out against Dunbar, but now his team needs him to be the glue holding together a potential state title.

"He's a great teammate. He does all the things that don't show up on the stat sheet," teammate Torrey Patton said.

“He's the anchor on the team, the muscle on the team," teammate Amari Davis described.

"Whatever our best matchup is, is what Myles Belyeu is willing to do. I think if I could sum him up in one word, he's a winner,” Head Coach Rocky Rockhold said, “That's all he wants to do, and it's not about how many points he has. It's not about how many rebounds he has."

"Whatever the team needs, I got to do it,” Belyeu said, “It's leadership, speaking, defense, it's just, it's my job to do it."

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