Top 22 - 2017: Valley View's Collin Genslinger


VALLEY VIEW - Spartans' senior running back Collin Genslinger was third in rushing behind Brookville's Bailey Wallen and Franklin's Ryan Montgomery with 1703 yards and 28 touchdowns to go along with 307 yards and four touchdowns through the air last season.

He racked up 225 yards and five touchdowns in week nine against Brookville under the Thursday Night Lights.

Collin said he started seeing the field better mid way through the season and it showed. He had three games over 200 yards in the second half of 2016.

Despite the big numbers, the Spartans have even higher expectations for their bell cow in 2017.

"He's a lot bigger and stronger for one thing," Valley View head football coach Bob Skidmore said. "He knows the offense a lot better. We've done some things to make it more to him. So there's some things we put in just for him that we wouldn't probably do in a regular year. He's just a special guy. You got to get the most out of him. I think he just understands the blocking schemes so much better and he knows when he doesn't have to go fast, when he's got to let the play develop. He's just learning to be a better running back."

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