New Dayton Dynamo FC Investment Provides Path to Professional Soccer League


Dayton - Wednesday the Dayton Dynamo Football Club announced Jared Davis as the club’s new majority owner. Davis, the founder and Vice President of CNG Financial Corporation, purchased a majority share of the soccer team from David Satterwhite, who will maintain a minority interest in the club. With Davis at the helm, Dayton Dynamo FC is eligible to participate in a fully professional league sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation, a goal toward which the club has already taken the first steps.

“The ownership group is here to build a pro team. Soccer is trending in a positive direction in the United States, and Dayton is a great market,” said Davis. “We are excited to do this for the community and the sport.”

The introduction of professional soccer to Dayton will commence an era of higher quality of soccer in the Miami Valley, but the difference will be greater than a roster of salaried players. It will offer a professional game day experience for fans in an environment and with operations that live up to a professional billing.

Dayton Dynamo FC has signed a letter of intent to participate in a professional league, but recent flux in the professional landscape in the United States has delayed a final decision in the immediate future. The club plans to begin pro competition in 2019.

Efforts to find suitable amenities for the professional version of Dayton Dynamo FC have begun in earnest. All options for a stadium that allow the club to control scheduling and generate an entertaining fan experience are being explored.

While the club focuses its efforts on bringing professional soccer to Dayton, it will be on hiatus from competition. In addition to selecting a proper league and venue, the club needs to hire a full-time professional staff.

“Rather than expend the considerable effort required to run an amateur team in 2018, we are going to exert all of our resources and effort on realizing the goal of having a pro team,” said Davis.

Dayton Dynamo FC previously competed in the National Premier Soccer League. The team advanced to the NPSL Midwest Regional Semifinals in 2017.

“NPSL has been a great proving ground. Unfortunately, a 3-month season is not viable from a business standpoint in the long term. We might, though, investigate creating an NPSL side as a development team in the future.” said Satterwhite.

Satterwhite continued, “I would like to thank everyone involved in our club, fans, coaching staff, game day and front office staff. They have supported us with their time, money, and passion to get our club to this point. This is a very exciting time for soccer fans in the city of Dayton as we look to take the next step in Dayton Dynamo FC growth as a club.”

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