Dragons' Naughton carries motivation from his parents everywhere


Dragons pitcher Packy Naughton has tattoos of his parents' birthdays on his arms as a way to show his appreciation for them.

"You know they've always been there for me and always supported any decision I've ever wanted to do. Playing baseball professionally they've been 100 percent in agreement with it. They want me to chase my dream for as long as I possibly can. I got it to recognize how much they love me and their support."

Even his name Packy, came from another family member.

When he was born Packy's older brother, who was about 2 years old at the time, couldn't say Patrick, the name listed on the pitcher's birth certificate. But 22 years later he's essentially only known one name, Packy.

"I love it. It's something different. Not a lot of people have this name, I've only met a few. I guess I can thank my brother Jake for that."

"I think it's a great baseball name. I never really thought about it until college. People were like wow, that's a really interesting name because growing up in Boston you get all sorts of Irish names and so it wasn't really a thing and then I got to college and it was like wow where did that come from. It's been a pretty interesting ride with that name."

In 7 starts this season Naughton leads the Dragons with 3 wins, 38 strikeouts and 41.1 innings pitched.

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