WEB EXTRA: Inside an Hyperloop pod and a look at future routes

An inside look at how you could get from Ohio to Chicago in 30 minutes. (Courtesy: Hyperloop One)

(WKEF/WRGT) - The technology behind Hyperloop One is in its testing phase, but the company hopes to establish three routes by 2021. Setting up futuristic tubes that send pods traveling at 670 mph.

The United Arab Emirates is a front runner to get one of the first transportation hubs. The route would send people from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Hyperloop One released the first pictures giving us a glimpse of what to expect inside.

The company said in the portal, travelers can see all of the departing pods at once, a reminder that people are at the center of the network. The circular departure terraces form a visually inspiring arena with a green oasis at the center of the building.

Hyperloop One says the Control Center monitors all pod and tube conditions and activity in the regional or city Hyperloop network in real-time and is simultaneously a window into the real world.

The company says there will be two options for seating. First there’s the group setting.

The pods also include a lounge configuration, comfortable for people traveling alone.

The UAE has other competition around the world. Recently Hyperloop announced winners of its global challenge. They highlighted the top options for future routes, including one from Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh.

Routes include:

United States

  • Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo
  • Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh
  • Miami-Orlando
  • Dallas-Houston
  • New York City-Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington DC
  • Las Vegas-Los Angeles

United Kingdom

  • Edinburgh-London
  • Glasgow-Liverpool


  • Mexico City-Guadalajara


  • Bengaluru-Chennai
  • Mumbai-Chennai


  • Toronto-Montreal

Elon Musk already has a verbal agreement for an underground tunnel for his NYC-Philadelphia-Baltimore-DC route.

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