WEB EXCLUSIVE: DPS statement regarding school bus service in district

Superintendent Rhonda Corr released a statement to FOX 45 regarding school bus service in their district. (Photo courtesy DPS)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Fox 45 is asking questions about the school bus service provided by Dayton Public Schools, and received this statement from Superintendent Rhonda Corr in regards to their service:

Dayton Public Schools is committed to providing the best customer service to our district families. While our transportation department is making consistent improvements, there are still issues to resolve with bus route service.
The district is planning to begin a new three-tier routing system for the 2017-2018 school year that is designed to better serve all of the students we serve. We are responsible for safely transporting children, not only within the Dayton Public Schools, but also children enrolled in area charter schools and parochial schools. This presents a unique challenge for our district, one in which we believe the new system will help overcome.
Dayton schools is also planning to purchase several new school buses that should be on the streets in the new school year and we have just put into place two new transportation department employees who will serve as associate directors.
Currently, Dayton Public Schools employs 148 full time drivers and 17 substitute drivers to navigate 296 routes Monday through Friday. There are 13 routes that currently do not have a full time driver assigned. The current shortage of school bus drivers across the country significantly hampers our hiring ability. Dayton school administrators are working diligently to hire reliable school bus drivers. We continue to advertise for new drivers and safely train those we employ.
- Rhonda Corr, Ed.S., superintendent
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