Stories from pet owners who reported issues with their pets and vaccinations

Stories from pet owners who say their pets were over-vaccinated (Submitted to WKEF/WRGT)

FOX 45's Clancy Burke has been talking to families around the Miami Valley to gather reports of issues with their pets and vaccinations. Here are their stories:

DL: “Cancer just took my boy last week, he always swelled up when he got the rabies shot. He was only 23 lbs but got the same amount a 140 dog would get!”

Brenda: Our 5 yr old collie Abbie is suffering from IMHA for almost 2 yrs now. Combination of vaccines & trifexis

Cheryl: My tiny 3 pound maltese passed away in July 2015 after receiving the rabies vaccine in June. It caused her pancreatitis to flare up and she passed from it.

Joanne: Petey…passed away about a month ago just after receiving a rabies booster. Not a day has passed where I don't cry.

Robin: My handsome boy Riot who lost his battle with rabies miasm and vaccinosis at 7 very young years of age. I will never get over having to euthanize him because of over vaccination.... I spent four years and thousands of dollars trying to make him well only to have him have to be put out of his misery.... I'm absolutely devastated. He was living with a friend of mine for a little while being shown and standing at stud. Against my wishes he was vaccinated with the 7-way vaccine twice in a year plus given rabies shots when he did not require them...

Debi: It would take a book to share about my golden retriever Charlie Brown. It took three years and thousands of dollars to figure out he was vaccine injured. At five we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. Quality of life just wasn’t there and he had grown weary at being so ill.

Carol: I have stories of friends and their experiences: a 4 yr old long haired dachshund got 4 shots. Within 4 days his kidneys shut down. Vet said there was no connection. Another friend had their precious small older dog at the vets to get his teeth cleaned. He died within a couple days. ( I believe he was vaccinated also). Two dogs in our condo complex died of a “rare” autoimmune disease. So many sad stories!

My Bruin girl passed away exactly one month after a rabies vaccination. She walked into the vet for her annual appointment just to get checked out because I take my pups annually to be proactive....she had a history of early onset arthritis (now I know was probably autoimmune from toxins cause by earlier vaccinations). Within 3 days she was limping. When they did X-rays they said she had bone cancer and that her heart was extremely large. She declined rapidly over the next month and died when her heart just stopped.

Susan: Went in for ALL his shots, ran blood work it came back "Stellar" one month later he was dead! I did not know better at the time. I have to live with the huge loss each and every day and blame myself. I now Titer. Buttercup was a rescue from MO a hell hole Puppy Mill. Had him for 6 loving years

Joanie: After vaccination, Gracie was very lethargic, eyes almost closed, then 1st seizure within few days after vaccination, was only 2 pound 1 ounce at the time. Full grown 4 pounds.The seizures started again in middle age, controlled by meds. had to keep upping the meds and tried newer drugs, but especially the last year, they couldn't be controlled anymore, died from a long battle with seizures.....hideous, heartbreaking death.

Nancy: My Kona had behavioral changes within a couple of days after his 3-4 year rabies shot and then went on to develop awful seizures. He almost died a week ago when the seizures would not stop and I had to bring him in to the vet, he seized for about 25 minutes in the worst seizures ever, very violent.

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