Information about the new library building and its history

Information about the new library building and its history (WKEF/WRGT)

The new downtown Dayton public library will open August 5th.

FOX 45 recently got an exclusive tour of the new $64 million dollar facility.

Ahead of the grand opening here are some fun facts about the new building and the library's history.

  • 2210 total pieces of furniture will be moved in, including: 1652 Chairs, 13 Benches, 64 Couches and 296 Tables/Desks
  • Nearly 3 miles of fixed shelving will be installed! 2973 linear feet of fixed metal shelving (x 5 for most shelving units = 14,865 feet of shelving = 2.8 miles) plus 1650' compact shelving
  • 335,000+ volumes will be moved into the building from five locations: Temporary Main, Temporary Genealogy, Westwood, Gentile storage building and St. Clair storage facility.
  • The new Main Library will have more than 130 computers for public use. This is more than twice the number of public computers that had been available in the old Main Library building.
  • 78 PCs are grouped on the first and second floor of the Library, two Laptop Dispensers have 12 laptops in each, and there are two Tech Labs with PCs and laptops for classroom use.
  • Approximately 75 free parking spaces will be available below the building.
  • More than 50 staff members will receive 16-20 hours each to learn new equipment, new services and new functions in the Main Library.
  • The new Main Library has four times the public space of the previous building (120,000 square feet of public space; 224,000 square feet total).
  • There are 23,300 square feet of exterior glass in the expansive windows, 660 tons of steel and over 1,000 cubic yards of concrete in the building!
  • The library is always tracking overdue books, recently a book returned after last being checked out in 1979.
  • The Dayton Metro Library was founded in 1888

In November, 2012, Montgomery County voters passed a $187 million bond issue to fund new construction and renovations for the Dayton Metro Library system. Highlights of the multi-phase, multi-year project currently in progress include consolidating Branch Libraries to 16, establishing an offsite Operations Center and completely renovating the Main Library in downtown Dayton. When the project is complete, Library users will enjoy modern, efficient facilities providing superior services and technology for the 21st century. Progress on the project is updated at

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