Pay It Forward: Crayons to Classrooms

Crayons to Classrooms is a store that allows teachers to shop at twice a year for free school supplies that are essential for the learning process.

"So they come in, they shop, they take the supplies back. Every time they come in, currently they are averaging about 970 dollars-worth of materials that they take back to the classroom. That is a substantial amount of product. Now that does not satisfy all the need but it certainly makes a huge dent," said Steve Rubenstein, executive director of Crayons to Classrooms.

Crayons to Classrooms only caters to high-need schools. Right now, they serve 83 of the 104 schools that meet the criteria. Many economically challenged families are not able to get the yearly school supplies needed for their children.

"So that burden falls on the educator, the teacher to figure out. If I got 15 students out of 25 that don't have the materials. How am I going to advance the curriculum? What do I do in this situation?"

Crayons to Classrooms has had an outstanding report card since its first school served in spring of 2009. Since then, they have distributed more than $7.5 million in merchandise and their volunteers have logged more than 13,000 hours.

Crayons to Classrooms has already helped hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, making each classroom better by paying it forward, one cartload at a time.

Elk & Elk is proud to sponsor the Pay It Forward campaign.

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