Local little girl featured in viral first hair wash video turns 1

Amira turns 1 (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) – Over the past year, people have stopped more than 37.2 million times and enjoyed a video of one of the simple things in life: a baby’s first hair wash.

Little Amira’s father started recording as a nurse took the baby in her arms and started soaping her hair up, and the sweet newborn is completely relaxed as the nurse rubs her head and rinses. Amira was just a few days old at the time, and was still in the nursery at Miami Valley Hospital.

Tayveon Glenn said he took the video for the memories and to show his family and friends, but it ended up reaching millions of people, who found themselves just having to smile.

FOX 45 caught up with Amira and her parents on her first birthday, and they said nothing has changed.

“Oh, she still enjoys her hair washed,” Glenn said. “She likes to dance now. So that’s her new goof.”

He said they still get contacted on a daily basis by television shows like Good Morning America.

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