Kidney donor makes sacrifices, loses 30 pounds to give stranger a new lease on life

Kidney donor makes sacrifices, loses 30 pounds to give stranger a new lease on life (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - An organ donor made some tough sacrifices just so a recipient could have a new lease on life.

Chelcy Hall has suffered from chronic kidney disease for 15 years. He underwent dialysis waiting for a new kidney.

"Truthfully, it’s not an easy life and it's more of a drain on my family. It’s a burden on my family and I just want to remove that. That’s the big thing,” said Hall.

Hall posted a plea for help on "Team Callaway”, a Facebook page for people in need of new kidneys.

Rob McCollough saw it.

"It just touched me deeply and short of saying god put his hand on me and said you got to help this man out,” said McCollough.

As it turns out, Hall and McCollough live only 15 minutes apart, in Liberty Township and Middletown.

McCollough was a match. He was determined to help.

"I just do not like seeing somebody that’s that strapped where they are limited to what they can do,” said McCollough.

At first, McCollough did not meet the criteria. First, he had to lose weight, but he did what he had to do to make sure he could give Hall a new lease on life.

"We asked for repeat blood draws, weight loss… you name it, we probably asked for it,” said McCollough.

McCollough went on a diet and lost 30 pounds just to meet the criteria.

Hall keeps asking the same question.

"Why would you help me? I still can’t get my mind around it,” said Hall.

At Christmas, McCollough gave Hall and his family a letter confirming the match. He also made molds of two hands holding a kidney.

"It was just another example of the type of guy that he is just a very giving person, selfless and overwhelming and it still is,” said Paula Franckhauser, the recipient coordinator. "They're just so grateful at the end because their life has changed.”

McCollough and Hall’s surgery is set for Tuesday morning. It will take about six and a half hours.

Their lives will change forever and they have formed a bond for life.

"I feel like we're a pretty close family. I told him before I never had a brother but he has a brother for life,” said Hall.

As you might know, Local 12's Howard Ain was the recipient of a new kidney from one of the station’s producers, Anita Farrell. They will be honored by the Cincinnati chapter of the National Kidney Foundation on March 22nd.

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