WATCH: Police mistake actor for bank robber

Body camera from Crawfordsville Police shows moment where actor was mistaken for bank robber. (Photo: WRTV via CNN Newsource)

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. - Body camera video shows tense moments in an Indianapolis suburb when an actor was mistaken for a bank robber.

In the video, the officer yells at the man, who was wearing a mask and holding a prop gun, "Drop the gun now, drop the gun!" the officer yells, then fires a shot. You then hear the man, James Duff, yell out to the officer, "we're doing a movie." The officer responds, clearly surprised to hear the reply, "Excuse me?" he says.

The officers order Duff to the ground and they check out the scene. On Good Morning America, Duff talked about the ordeal, "I was pretty much kind of shooken up you know. It was just.. wow! and you know, pretty much kind of speechless." The co-owner of the Montgomery County Films tells WRTV the company is working to make sure a mix-up like this doesn't happen again.

Indiana State Police say the film production company and the bar where filming was taking place, notified police or nearby businesses that they'd be filming.

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