VIDEO | Officer pulls man from burning SUV

Police body cam video shows officer pulling man from burning vehicle (CNN Newsource)

ATHENS, Ga. (CNN Newsource) - Video from a police body camera shows a Georgia police officer risking his life to pull a man from a burning car.

The incident happened August 18 when an officer responded to a crash along Highway 29 in Athens, Georgia. As Senior Police Officer Dan Whitney arrived on scene the video shows flames shooting from the man's SUV. Whitney grabs a fire extinguisher to try and put out the flames. As he turns his body, you can see a man hanging out of the side window of the vehicle, screaming for help.

Whitney opens the back of the vehicle and grabs something that helps him break the window and pull the man to safety. The department says the rescue was just in time, the back seat was destroyed by flames within minutes. The man Officer Whitney saved was one of two in the vehicle, the driver of the SUV later died.

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