VIDEO | Bystanders pull woman from burning car in 10 car pileup

10 people injured after 10 car pileup in NY (Video: Mayor Rich David/Facebook)

BINGHAMPTON, NY (WRGT) - Terrifying police dash camera video is being released after a 10 car pileup near Binghampton, New York last week.

The video shows a semi smashing through a line of cars. One of the cars catches fire and bystanders rushed in to help and ended up pulling the driver to safety from the flames. Ten people were hospitalized due to the crash but none of their injuries are life-threatening.

Video of the pileup was shared by the mayor of Binghampton who said he wanted to give credit to the bystanders and first responders who he's calling heroes. Since Mayor Rich David posted the video on his Facebook page, it's been shared more than 13,000 times and viewed more than 650,000 times and rising.

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