Senate candidate from Missouri calls for legalizing machine guns

Austin Petersen (Petersen campaign)

A Missouri candidate running for U.S. Senate tweeted a statement on playing offense in Second Amendment issues.

Austin Petersen, a native of Peculiar, Missouri, stated Wednesday evening "It's time we start talking about legalizing machine guns and repealing the National Firearms Act entirely."

Again Thursday, Petersen backed up his statement calling for citizens to be able to purchase machine guns manufactured after 1986.

Petersen ran for president in 2016 and was the runner-up for the Libertarian party nomination, second to Gov. Gary Johnson. Petersen announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the race Sen. Claire McCaskill's seat July 4, 2017, during a party on his family farm.

His campaign had posted a raffle on Facebook of an AR-15 rifle, but Facebook removed the video and status update about the raffle. Petersen also said his personal account had been blocked for 30 days.

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