Michigan State Police director to work 5 days without pay after Facebook post

Etue will be docked pay for five days.

The director of the Michigan State Police, Colonel Kriste Kibbey Etue, will be docked pay for five days after sharing a controversial post on social media.

The post referred to NFL players who kneel for the national anthem as "degenerates".

Governor Rick Snyder announced Etue's suspension Thursday. She will still have to come to work for those five days.

"Colonel Etue has been a trooper for 30 years, which is outstanding service to the state of Michigan. She has put her life on the line," said Anna Heaton, Governor Snyder's press secretary. "As Governor Snyder said, she made a mistake and she apologized immediately and has been very sorry. She has shown that through her actions and one mistake that was apologized for immediately should not erase 30 years service to the state."

Governor Snyder is also calling for a state department review to examine the culture in state government. He said he wants to review and develop cultural awareness and sensitivity training guidelines, and have implicit bias training in cabinet leadership teams.

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