Man leaves $1,000 tip at restaurant, asks for it back the next day

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EDGEWATER, Colo. (KMGH) -- It was the tip of a lifetime - well, at least for a while.

A man left a $1,000 tip at a restaurant, only to come ask for it back the next day.

A busy Sunday at Thailicious really paid off for the waiters when they opened one of their cashbooks.

"She was like 'What?!'" Owner Nithiwadee Anantatho says the hostess was surprised to find a thousand-dollar tip.

"The highest tip that we got a hundred dollars," Anantatho said.

The man behind the generous tip is seen here enjoying three glasses of wine while waiting on his food. He then pays his $40 bill, leaves the big tip and walks out.

"We were like, "Oh really? He must be a millionaire!" Anantatho said.

But they were wrong, he was just drunk.

"I asked him. Did you put in the check book? He said he wasn't sure about that because he a little drunk." Anantatho said.

The man returned the next day to get his 1,000 tip.

Despite feeling like they had hit the lottery just to have it taken away from them, there are still some laughs about the drunken mistake.

"It is just the way it is," Anantatho said.

The restaurant returned the customer's money...and this time he left a tip of $50.

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