Indiana man defends his controversial Obama float

An Indiana man is taking heat from some about a parade float that calls President Barack Obama a "Lying African." (Photo courtesy WISH/CNN)

SHERIDAN, Ind. (WISH/CNN) -- An Indiana man is not worried about the complaints he's received after his controversial float was allowed in Monday's Fourth of July parade.

The float calls President Obama a "Lying African" and residents say it should not have been allowed.

"I couldn't believe it. That's ridiculous. It's mind boggling that somebody would do something like that," said Deborah Crist of Sheridan.

"I looked at it, and read it, I kind of chuckled, and thought it was kind of a funny joke. I didn't see anything really wrong with it," said Brian Dellingner of Sheridan.

The float was the creation of Donald Christy.

"I believe in 'live and let live.' I guess, my intent was to satisfy myself. See laughs over here, and see people frown over here. See people cheering over here. It's a diverse country," Christy said.

Christy says he created the float to show his political displeasure.

"I didn't put American on it. My bumper isn't long enough. I'm not politically correct, here. He's an African, and he's also told several lies to the people of it," Christy said.

This isn't the first time Christy marched down Main Street. The Sheridan man says he's created floats featuring the Confederate flag, and he has dressed in drag.

"If you want to call me silly, stupid or whatever, that's your problem. That's your prerogative. But I have a right, and a freedom to do what I do," Christy said.

But after what happened this year, some neighbors we spoke to hope the city makes changes.

"They should've checked it to make sure it was OK to be in the parade because that is something that is teaching our children the wrong views of life," Crist said.

"Just make sure everything is in good taste. That way nobody gets upset or takes things the wrong way," Dellingner said.

"You can tell those people who are worried about me getting in the parade, rest assured, I'm already working on next year's float," Christy said.

Sheridan's town council president reacted to the float in a statement that reads in part that he was, "Deeply appalled by the blatantly disrespectful and racist display that took place during the Lion's Club Fourth of July parade." He explained that participants do not have to register for the parade.

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