Breastfeeding mom asked to leave store bathroom hopes to spread awareness

Breastfeeding mom asked to leave store bathroom hopes to spread awareness. (KSL via CNN Newsource)

CENTERVILLE, Utah (WKEF/WRGT) - A new mother is hoping to spread awareness of mothers' rights after she says she was asked to leave a store bathroom because she was breastfeeding her baby.

Ana Davis was shopping at a Nordstrom Rack in Utah when she says her daughter, Mia, became hungry. Wanting to feed her in private, Davis went into the store's bathroom. However, Davis says within a few minutes a store employee approached her, "who had said a complaint had been made that somebody was feeling uncomfortable to - doing their business while there was a nursing mother in the restroom."

Davis says she was asked to feed her daughter in a changing room instead. She says the interaction was embarrassing for her, "I didn't feel like I was doing anything wrong by nursing," she told CNN affiliate KSL.

When Davis' husband, Joel, heard about what had happened, he reached out to Nordstrom, "Why did it make sense to ask a nursing mother to leave the privacy of a bathroom?" he asked. He says the store's manager apologized, but the new parents say they're more concerned about people being more aware about breastfeeding rights.

"We as a society are OK with, you know, low-cut shirts or advertisements of underwear models and that's OK," Ana said, "but a nursing mother to a lot of people is just very offensive."

Nordstrom released a statement that says:

"We want every customer to feel comfortable while they're shopping with us, particularly nursing mothers."

Nordstrom says fitting rooms are available for nursing mothers, but says it wants employees to know mothers are allowed to nurse wherever they are comfortable.

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