Taking care of your skin during winter months

Taking care of your skin during winter months (WKEF/WRGT)

When the cold weather hits, the heaters turn on, and that means dry skin. Luckily, with the right products and regimen, you can prevent that from happening.

“It’s really important to moisturize every day,” Dr. Gwyn King from Dayton Skin Care said. “The best time to capture the moisture in your skin is immediately after showering. If you can pat dry and apply a moisturizer immediately after showering, you can really keep your skin comfortable during the wintertime.”

It’s important to know which type of moisturizer to use and there are three main types: gel, lotion, and cream.

“In summer months or if your skin is particularly oily, a gel is a great choice because it’s going to be the lightest-weight product,” Dr. King said.

If you have combination skin, you probably want to use a lotion because it’s not too heavy or light.

“Over the winter months, if your skin is very dry, a cream is going to be a great choice,” Dr. King said, as it is the heaviest product.

And is it possible to over moisturize?

“You could potentially feel a little greasy if you put too much moisturizer on, but ultimately you’ll know when to stop,” Dr. King said.

And even though it’s wintertime, it’s important to always use sunscreen.

“We really sometimes think we’re protected from UV rays during the winter because the days are shorter and we have more cloud coverage, but the fact is the invisible UV rays that harm our skin come right through the clouds and we are not as protected as we should be.”

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