"You damaged us for life,": Family of innocent Dayton woman killed in drive-by speaks

Dayton Police are asking anyone who has information about Saturday's deadly shooting that claimed the life of Sherrell Wheatley to come forward. (Photo: Wheatley's family)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The family of an innocent woman gunned down over the weekend while on her way home in Dayton is calling for justice. "You just took an innocent lady away from her family," Jackie Allen said to the killers of her aunt, Sherrell Wheatley.

Wheatley, 62, is remembered as a woman who helped everyone in her neighborhood. She was walking to her home on Superior Avenue Saturday night when she was hit by gunfire in a drive-by shooting on Euclid Avenue. Eva Still, a neighbor of Wheatley's said she heard the gunfire and "got down." Still told FOX45 she hears gunshots in her neighborhood a lot, "when I found out it was her, I said 'why.'"

Wheatley was on her way back home after feeding a neighbor's dogs. It's something she does regularly, according to Still, "everyday, she'd give all her scraps and stuff, when she cooked, because she cooks a lot... she was a good person." Wheatley was known for her kindness, her niece said she took care of her grandchildren, her paralyzed son and volunteered at Edison Elementary. Her niece said while the family knows the person who shot Wheatley didn't intend for her to be the victim, she says the family's still very hurt,"We deserve justice, an apology, you damaged us for life, these kids you've damaged."

"It just kills me," Eva Still said of her neighbor's 'senseless' killing. She says since Wheatley's death she hasn't been able to eat or sleep. "If they're going to shoot an innocent woman like that," Still said through tears,"who else they gonna shoot up."

This shooting wasn't the first time Wheatley was the victim of violence. In 2014, her husband stabbed her several times, and her son once in the neck. Dayton Police said the stabbing happene because she wouldn't give her husband money for drugs. Stanley Wheatley is currently serving a 22-year sentence for attempted murder and aggravated robbery.

Police are still investigating the deadly shooting from over the weekend and trying to figure out what happened. If you have any information, call 333-COPS.

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