Yellow Springs PD to undergo training after investigation into NYE Police action

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) -- The Village of Yellow Springs has released new recommendations for Police after a New Year's Eve confrontation between Police and community members.

For the first time, council members discussed the findings of a special investigation report that was released Friday, March 3.

Report criticized Yellow Springs police for actions on New Year's Eve

The report called Police action misguided and dangerous and acknowledged mistakes made by the Yellow Springs Police Department that night, including how they handled dispersing the crowd.

New Year's partiers reportedly clash with police in Yellow Springs

The outside investigator is recommending that in the future, a Police supervisor be on duty for New Year's Eve as well as, a new event safety policy that doesn't include cruisers as the only barricades for the crowd.

One of the other hot topics, the on-going search for a new Police Chief after the former chief stepped down. Something that drew comment from one of Yellow Springs most well known residents, comedian Dave Chappelle.

"what I did want to know is what is this pool of law enforcement that you can pull a Chief out of that is special enough to police this town which is wildly unique so I would beseech the council to look deep and look hard because look this is a golden opportunity. In this Trump era this is a golden opportunity to show people local politics reign supreme." said Dave Chappelle.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dave Chappelle addresses Village of Yellow Springs Council

Council members also say they are pushing for the charges to be dropped against a man that was tased.

Yellow Springs community wants answers after police actions during New Year's celebration

They also announced that the Police department will undergo de-escalation training starting Wednesday, March 6. Fox 45's Fighting Back expert and former Police officer Bill Parsons has been tapped to help with the training.

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