Workers around the Miami Valley fight frigid temperatures

Workers around the Miami Valley fighting the frigid temperatures (WKEF/WRGT)

SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - While most try to stay out of the dangerous cold blanketing the Miami Valley, some have no choice.

Michael Freckman's construction crew spent Tuesday putting up siding on a new home in Springboro. His crew's day began at 8 a.m. and ran late into the afternoon.

"You have to let your body do the talking," Freckman said. "If your body feels it needs to be warmed up, go warm up."

Freckman's crew of four will head into the pickup truck or huddle by a heater inside the house when it needs the break, but when they're outside they layer up to stay warm.

"You have to wear gloves out here in this," he said. "There's no going without them. You'd last about 20 minutes and it's over."

Dillon Spangler is just three weeks into the job on Freckman's crew, but he said he's still enjoying the work despite the frigid temps.

"I'm wearing about three hoodies, a couple of layers under that and two to three pairs of pants," Spangler said.

The crew works through the dangerous cold because the only way it gets paid is when a job is done. However, the job becomes more difficult in this kind of cold.

"Progress slows down in this kind of weather because your tools don't want to work right when they get cold, especially battery-operated tools," Freckman said.

Freckman says in his ten years of doing this, this is the coldest stretch of weather he can remember.

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