With God's Grace feeds more than 2,000 at first approved warehouse distribution

With God's Grace feeds more than 2,000 at first approved warehouse distribution (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - With God's Grace food pantry helped feed more than 2,000 people Wednesday at their first approved warehouse food distribution.

The nonprofit has settled it's fight with Dayton zoning officials, after the city had threatened to shut them down.

The community showed up in masses to support them, and now the pantry is following new guidelines to stay open.

Most of the changes that the city required have to do with parking and foot traffic.

Director Nicole Adkins said the changes are being well received.

"It is actually going phenomenal, the families love the changes, they love the organization that's going on," Adkins said.

Their issues started in January when they were served a cease and desist from the city at their Springfield Street warehouse.

At the end of February the Dayton zoning board voted to approve their land use variance, and implemented require changes for them to keep their permit.

First, patrons now only park in the dirt lot adjacent to the 622 Springfield Street location.

Adkins said the lot was donated, and they must now gravel it according to the zoning variance.

They also changed foot traffic from the parking lot to the Springfield Street door of the warehouse, weaving patrons through the actual pantry location to exit on the Jersey Street side.

For patrons like Kelly Kohnen, the pantry is staying open is a sigh of relief.

She told FOX 45's Kelly May she didn't have money to buy groceries this week.

"I'm so happy, I'm so happy for Nicole, I'm so happy for the pantry and everybody else in the neighborhood, they have a place they can go for food and feed their families," Kohnen said.

"We can close this chapter with the city of Dayton and just be able to move forward, being able to focus on feeding our families in the community," Adkins said.

Adkins said they are still looking for an artist who is willing to paint their logo on the sign outside, another change required by the city.

To contact with God's grace food pantry for an appointment or to volunteer or donate, call 937-397-4124.

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