Wife of woman killed by police questions her 911 call, officers' actions


DAYTON -- City Commissioners commented at Wednesday night's commission meeting on the officer-involved shooting that left a Dayton woman dead. Kisha Arrone was killed after police say she fired a shot in the air and wouldn't drop the gun. Officers were called after her wife said Arrone threatened to kill her. Veronda Fletcher said she wished she'd never called 911.

"I feel like I should not have called the police that night. She would have left. She was not going to harm you," said Fletcher. Fletcher was at Dayton City Hall on Wednesday night, April 20, 2016, but didn't go inside. Instead, she stayed outside with signs drawn by her children.

"'Cause they want to see justice, too. 'Cause they had to witness this by standing in their bedroom window to see their stepmom get gunned down. And, that's just not right."

Dayton police say they received the 911 call from Fletcher saying Arrone was trying to kill her. Fletcher said they had been drinking and Arrone left following a dispute. Police arrived on the scene and followed Arrone for 30 minutes as she drove a pick-up truck. According to police, when she finally stopped and got out of the truck, she fired shots into the air. Three officers opened fire and killed her. Out of 20 shots fired, she was struck 10 times.

"One shot was enough. Nine more shots, that was too much," said Fletcher. She also disputes what Dayton police say led up to the shooting.

"About her shooting a gun and firing it in the air. I didn't see that happen. I did not see that happen," said Fletcher.

Bishop Richard Cox, president of the Dayton chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addressed Dayton City Commissioners.

"I think they could have done it differently," said Bishop Cox. "If she wanted to commit suicide, she could have put the gun to her head and killed herself. She didn't have to have the police department kill her."

At the meeting, Mayor Nan Whaley called for calm in the community.

"I believe it's natural to second guess the outcome of tragic events like these," she said. "I want to urge everyone to wait for the investigation to be completed before jumping to conclusions or assigning fault."

Meanwhile, Fletcher said she's misses her wife. "She was supposed to just go somewhere and hang out for a while. It turned into her going out and never coming back."

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said earlier in the week the police officers on the scene acted appropriately. Meanwhile, the officers involved are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation, which is customary. Meanwhile, the Dayton SCLS is planning to conduct its own investigation.

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