West Dayton Aldi closes for good

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    DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - After serving Westown shoppers for years, the Aldi is officially closed.

    "I come here every day," said Virginia Fitzpatrick, as she shopped at her neighborhood grocery for the last time.

    "Actually, I'm very shocked because I was thinking that they were doing pretty good," she told Fox 45.

    Aldi made the announcement to close in December, sending a statement to Fox 45 in January saying in part, 'We take the closing of the West Dayton Aldi store very seriously, and the decision was purely a business one based on several metrics we use to evaluate our stores.'

    Over the last few months, the company met with several Dayton leaders, including the NAACP, Northwest Priority Board and Neighborhood over Politics.

    "The people on this side of town need a grocery store, they really do," Fitzpatrick said. "I kind of feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for myself too because it seems like my car breaks down every month, so right here is kind of close if you want to catch the bus."

    Fox 45 talked with the city last month about the closure. At the time, the city manager said the area doesn't have the demographics or median income to lure retailers.

    Fitzpatrick believes it's not just about the customers. She's wondering what's happening to the employees she's grown to know.

    "Aldi is like my family."

    The company said all employees can transfer to nearby stores, and no jobs will be lost. Residents can continue to shop at other locations in West Carollton, Kettering and Englewood.

    "They say they're moving to Englewood," said Fitzpatrick. "Well, Englwood that's still far!"

    Fox 45 made several calls to Aldi's corporate office to get additional information about the closure. The company hasn't returned any calls.

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