"We're still finding things that were damaged," Mercer Co. tornado cleanup continues

Diller family farm right after the tornado (WKEF/WRGT File Photo)

MERCER CO., Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- Fox 45’s Christian Hauser talked with Bob Diller and his family the day after a tornado came through and destroyed several buildings on their farm and killed several of their cattle.

"We're still finding things that were damaged, we just didn't know [immediately after the storm]. I just want life back to normal. We'll get there," Diller said.

Just over a week later the family has made a lot of progress.

Diller says he's hopeful everything will be cleaned up before the winter.

"I ordered a building this morning so hopefully next week, I have a crew coming so hopefully I can get one building up this year and try to move forward. I just want the mess gone and life back to normal," Diller said.

The family is ready to begin rebuilding, but now an even bigger question remains, is their house structurally sound?

An engineer was pulling up while we were talking to the family. No word yet if the home will continue to stand.

"Friends and neighbors, [It was] all free. Friends and neighbors bringing the equipment. It's been a big help," Diller said.

Celina Mayor, Jeff Hazel says the cleanup is going well along Havemann Road. That was the hardest hit area in town.

"I think you're going to see Celina bigger and better as we move forward. People are always concerned about safety and every time we hear about a storm, they're saying 'What do we have to do to secure?'" Hazel said.

The city's biggest employer, Crown Equipment continues to rebuild. Mayor Hazel says the city is doing everything it can to help the company.

Some employees are already back to work after Crown started up production in undamaged parts of the building.

"They are going to it as quickly as they can. I think that shows their commitment to their own employees, number one, but they're also showing a commitment to Celina," Mayor Hazel said.

Mayor Hazel thinks people will be surprised how quickly Crown Equipment is up and running again.

While some of the businesses have been repaired, Diller thinks it'll take a year for his farm to get back to where it was before the storm.

"I think so. We'll get the animals back. We miss the animals. They're all gone. You walk out and there's nothing, rubble. Where do you start?" Diller said.

Diller says without the help of his family, friends and neighbors he wouldn't be able to get everything cleaned up.

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