Watch: Body camera footage released of deputy shooting New Carlisle News editor

Andy Grimm of the New Carlisle News speaks to FOX 45 exclusively after returning home from the hospital (WKEF/WRGT)

NEW CARLISLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The Clark County Sheriff's office has released video from a body camera Deputy Jacob Shaw was wearing as he shot Andy Grimm, the editor of the New Carlisle News.


Deputy Shaw had pulled a driver over Monday night, September 4, for speeding. While sitting in his cruiser, Grimm pulls up, he tells FOX 45 he waved at Deputy Shaw and flashed his lights to let him know he was on the scene. Deputy Shaw apparently didn't see Grimm, but did see him get out of his vehicle and pull what he thought was a weapon from the back. It turns out Grimm was reaching for his camera equipment.

Video shows Deputy Shaw quickly open his door and fire two shots. Grimm is heard in the background yelling in pain. As Shaw runs across the road he calls to dispatchers, telling them shots had been fired. He quickly realizes the person who had been shot was Grimm, "I need medics here now," Shaw says, "Andy, I thought that was a freaking gun, dude."

In an exclusive interview with FOX 45, Grimm says he's not mad at Deputy Shaw. On the body camera he can be heard just a few minutes after being shot tell Shaw, "I don't want you to lose your job over this." Grimm told FOX 45 he knows Shaw was just doing his job but made a bad decision, "He shot somebody, an unarmed civilian. Realistically there's going to be consequences."


The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations is handling the matter.

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