Watch: Attorney for Rhonda Corr says allegations are 'politically motivated'

Watch: Attorney for Rhonda Corr says allegations are 'politically motivated' (WKEF/WRGT)

DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The attorney representing Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Corr says he believes allegations against Corr are politically motivated.

In a news conference Wednesday morning, attorney Jon Rion said he was surprised by the allegations, "we were surprised by the juxtaposition of the positions taken now and the positions taken simply 45 days ago or on October 3." Rion said on that date, a performance evaluation by the Dayton Public School Board applauded Corr on the job she was doing. Rion went on to say Corr was never given any feedback on areas she needed to improve upon.

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Corr was placed on paid administrative leave just before midnight on Tuesday, November 21. Documents just released at the board meeting the following week, Tuesday, November 28, shows that the board is accusing Corr of lying on IRS documents, cursing at district employees, changing department policies to financially benefit herself and falling asleep at teacher contract negotiations.

Watch full press conference below:

Rion addressed allegations of Corr falling asleep during contract negotiations. He said Corr was ill but showed up to negotiations anyway, "How would that be a negative comment to be made, when someone is showing up for work, even when they're not well physically and staying until the job is done? How could that be anything but a positive reflection of someone's commitment," he said.

Documents show Corr could face discipline of being terminated from her role as Superintendent. However, attorney David Duwell said there is no just cause for Corr to be fired, "this is really a contract termination issue," he said.

The district also alleges Corr was legally married to someone else, when she bought a life insurance policy on a "domestic partner" who was already ill. According to the documents, Corr's partner died in October 2016, Corr "claimed and received death benefits for a domestic partner even though you were legally married to another person and had not obtained a legal separation." Rion said there was confusion at the time that Corr filled out the documents. According to Rion, Corr believed at the time of filling out the documents, that she was not married. Rion said Corr contacted the Clerk of Courts office in Massachusetts, where the ceremony was held, and was told the ceremony was not in accordance with the law. "It wasn't recognized in Ohio," Corr said, while she did not make a formal statement during the press conference she did interject that detail.

Rion said as more information can be released, his office will comment further.

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