Vigil honoring young man who died in alley shooting


    DAYTON, Ohio, (WKEF-WRGT)- Police are still investigating a shooting in Dayton that left a man dead Wednesday night. 23-year old, Damian Chancellor, died shortly after being taken to Grandview hospital. Today, his family and friends gathered holding a vigil in his honor.

    Chancellor’s sister, Latasha Dia, who organized a vigil in the same alley, is heartbroken.

    “We are here and we are here with love and want to show support to everyone in the neighborhood who did show support and help my brother in those final moments,” said Dia.

    Dia described Chancellor as a happy man with a good group of friends.

    “Damian is and still is a very vibrant,” said Dia. “Always laughing making us laugh always smiling. He was my kid brother, my only brother.”

    Friends and family now huddling in the alley leaving candles and saying prayers, trying to process the loss of their loved one.

    “What happened was senseless it made no sense,” said family friend Danny Foreman. “He didn’t deserve what happened to him. No body deserves to go out like that at such a young age like that.”

    Homicide detectives said there was a group of people fighting, threats were made, then shots were fired ultimately leading to Chancellor’s death. His family however, is going to keep pushing for answers.

    “I know we don’t have a lot of answers, but I do have faith in our justice system and our community that they will help us in a time of need,” added Dia.

    Chancellor's family was not conformable at this time releasing any photos of him so we were not able to use any in this story. Next week there a nonviolence group gathering and holding another vigil in honor of Chancellor.

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