Video: Staggering, incoherent Springfield woman goes viral on Facebook

Staggering, incoherent Springfield woman goes viral on Facebook (Photo courtesy Karsha White and Danyale Peterson)

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A troubling video from Springfield has gone viral around the world.

It shows a young woman stumbling around and incoherent, appearing she may have been on drugs.

Some said the video is sad, others said an embarrassment to the woman in it, and yet, some hope that embarrassment will convince her to get help.

FOX 45's Rhonda Moore talked to the women who recorded it and came to her aid.

"She had a needle and a spoon," Karsha White said.

"I figured it was probably heroin," Danyale Peterson said.

"She was like I didn't take anything and everybody was asking her, well you had to take something and she said she took a Xanex and were were like no," Peterson said.

White and Peterson said the woman had been at the house next door when she staggered around the corner, and they followed.

"When I got around the corner she was, it looked like she was possessed," Peterson said.

"She was saying a lot of things like she didn't have any family," White said. "It was her 21st birthday."

The cousins give the young woman some water and call 911.

"First the police came and they put her in the back of the car, gave her a bottle of water," White said.

An ambulance took her to the hospital.

White and Peterson hope she sees the video.

"I want her to look at it, learn from it," White said.

"Hopefully she sees it and she gets help or maybe her family will gather her up in treatment cause she said she didn't have anybody," Peterson said.

Both ladies have gotten a lot of feedback on Facebook.

"Everyone is saying they're thankful that there are still good people out there that are willing to help," White said.

They hope the video is a teachable moment.

"My 13-year-old niece witnessed it but it opened up the door to explain it to them what the effects of drugs, even trying it one time, can do to them," Peterson said.

She showed it to her 9-year-old son too.

"And I explained to him what was happening and this is why you shouldn't do this because you don't want to be like this," Peterson said.

The women shared with us a Facebook post from a woman whose friend watched the video and then checked himself into rehab.

That's the effect they hope the video has on others.

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