Video: Springboro Police release video of former Ohio congressional candidate's arrest

    Video released by Springboro Police shows arrest of former Ohio congressional candidate, Samuel Ronan. (Video: Springboro Police Facebook)

    SPRINGBORO, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - Springboro Police are releasing video that shows the arrest of former Republican congressional candidate, Samuel Ronan.

    Ronan was arrested on June 9 after police say an officer saw him "operating his vehicle in an unsafe manner." Video shows the officer following Ronan with his lights on, however, he continued to drive. Police say the officer then turned on his siren, but Ronan continued to drive. Eventually, Ronan turns into an apartment complex and gets out of his vehicle.

    In the video you can hear the officer yelling repeatedly for Ronan to "get on the ground, now," however, Ronan refuses and asks the officer, "what am I under arrest for?" Police say during the exchange, Ronan put his hands in his pockets and pointed an object, which ended up being his hand, at the officer.

    Officers eventually took Ronan down to the ground and after a moment of talking, Ronan tells officers he's taking a Facebook live of the exchange. The Facebook live has since been removed.

    In 2018, Ronan ran in the primary for Ohio's 1st Congressional District as a Republican against Steve Chabot. In 2016, Ronan ran in the General Election as a Democrat.

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