18-year-old man attacked at library says he feared for his life


DAYTON, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - New information was released Friday after a man with special needs was attacked at a Dayton library.

The two teens accused of attacking the man appeared in court Friday, and the victim sat down with ABC 22/FOX 45's Rhonda Moore and shared how he feared for his life in a heartbreaking story.

The accused are locked up at the Juvenile Justice Center for robbery. Police said they beat up the victim and took $5.

“The light skin dude stomped me in my face, kicked me in my face three times and the other one hit me in my face like two times,” Jerome Smith said.

Smith, 18, described the beating he took last week in a library lobby that was caught on camera.

“They told me give them all my money or they were going to kill me,” he said.

“I was begging for my life,” Smith continued.

“It really hurt me when I saw the footage of what they had done to him,” Smith’s grandfather Darnell Johnson said.

Smith’s grandfather first saw the video Thursday on the news. He said his grandson's had a traumatic brain injury all his life.

“He's a special needs kid, and I know he don't bother nobody,” Johnson said.

“I wish I was like the other kids, normal, but God made me this way,” Smith said.

Johnson said knowing his grandson's condition made seeing him kicked in the head worse.

“He was hurting for a couple of days, still complaining about his jaw bothering him and everything,” he said.

Several hours after police released the video on Thursday, the suspects were arrested.

“I saw a sigh of relief coming over him and then a sigh of relief come over me that they did get them, because he was scared to even go back up to the library, scared to even go outdoors,” Johnson said.

On Friday, the 14 and 15 year old suspects appeared in juvenile court, charged with robbery.

The victim's grandfather has a question for the suspects: “If it was them having it done to them how would they feel?"

For now, the suspects will be kept at juvenile detention. They’ll be back in court on December 14.

Smith said he hasn’t looked at the video of the attack. He said he’ll probably start going to a different library.

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