Urbana father continues push against school district's absences policy

8-16 urbana absence policy.PNG

URBANA, Ohio (WRGT) -- An Urbana dad is picking up his fight again regarding how Urbana Schools count unexcused absences and other issues. We first introduced you to Randy Dunham earlier this year when Urbana Schools were threatening to suspend his son for seven absences. The suspension never happened. But, Dunham continued his fight Tuesday night, August 16, 2016 at the Urbana School Board meeting.

He addressed the board for several minutes questioning the rationale for the suspension policy. He called it the harshest one in the state.

"I'm asking for a motion and a vote to suspend implementation of the following policies immediately until they can be reviewed," Dunham told board members.

The absence policy was the first policy on his list. He also wanted the board to protect students being questioned about who uses drugs and alcohol. Dunham said many times those interviews take place without parents present. He said kids can be easily intimidated by school authorities.

"In the interrogation/interview in the Athletic Office, they don't have audio or video recording to accurately record what was said between the person that was interviewed and the administrator doing the interview," said Dunham. He said those meetings should be recorded and students should have the option of having a parent present.

At the end of the presentation, Dunham didn’t get his motion for a vote. But, he did get some board members attention.

"There were three board members that gave me non verbals that said I hear yeah, I want to make something happen. And, send me the information, which I'm going to do," said Dunham.

School starts August 23rd in Urbana.

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