Uncertain Obamacare future has locals worried


    DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) -- Following Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday night, millions are now wondering about the future of Obamacare.

    Right now, health professionals are urging patients, not to panic. But for some that's easier said than done as talks of ending the Affordable Care Act heat up.

    Sharetha Marshall is now worried about her insurance.

    “I think it's very unfair and it shows they don't care about the people,” Marshall said.

    Marshall’s a single mom with three kids, studying to be a nurse. She pays $75 a month through the marketplace.

    “I have kids with asthma and I have high blood pressure,” Marshall said. “It makes it a lot more affordable to be able to stay healthy.”

    More than 20 million Americans are covered by the Affordable Care Act through the marketplace and Medicaid expansion.

    Greg Hopkins sees the impact first hand.

    “We've seen an uptick with our visits with the number of patients that have health coverage, people put off their care when they don't,” Hopkins said.

    Hopkins runs Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton.

    He says ending the program would be catastrophic, but he remains hopeful they won't.

    “I will bet there will be some tweaking of the Affordable Care Act and not a repeal, but I’m not a politician,” Hopkins said.

    Dumping Obamacare may prove difficult. Republicans don't have enough seats in the Senate to overturn it.

    Trump's plan is replace the program with health savings accounts, but beyond that the details are hazy.

    Obamacare enrollment for next year started last week. The Department of Health and Human Services expects 11 million people to sign up.

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