Tyra Patterson "grateful" on first day of work at Ohio Justice and Policy Center

Tyra Patterson works at her desk, on the first day of her job at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center (WKEF/WRGT)

(WKEF/WRGT) - They say life eventually comes full circle, even if along the way, you face setbacks.

The phrase is still proven true for Tyra Patterson, who spent 23 years in prison. Fox 45 has been following Tyra since last year, through her fight for freedom, when she was paroled in October, and her release on Christmas Day.

While most are quick to forget years spent in a cell, that time means everything to Tyra, whose second chance at life is just beginning. Today, she arrived at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, for her first day of work.

"I know that most people, who are incarcerated and return to society, don't have the opportunity that I am having," she said. "We are here to change that."

Attorney David Singleton spearheaded the team, who helped get Tyra her freedom. He led her down the hall to an office, she'll share with another colleague.

The certifications she received in prison are hanging behind her chair. She'll work as a paralegal for other inmates, she believes are trapped with few resources. Most of her expertise will be used to develop a mentorship program, for inmates who are re-entering into society. It's that connection, she told news crews, which will help them lead successful lives. It's also the reason she was able to hit the 'reset' button on her own life, with the assistance of others.

"I am so grateful to have people reaching backwards to bring me up," Tyra said.

Behind a desk, instead of behind bars, is where she thinks she can make the most difference.

"I will," she said. "That's my ultimate goal."

Tyra is also working with Hamilton County, with the plan to give talks around the community. She'll also visit school to speak with kids about life decisions.

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