Two students taken to the hospital after DPS bus involved in crash


    DAYTON, OHIO (WKEF/WRGT) - Two students were sent to the hospital after a Dayton Public Schools bus crash Friday morning.

    All was quiet on West Third Street Friday until about 7:30 a.m.

    Surveillance video shows a Dayton Public Schools bus appearing to slowly inch through a stop sign before crashing into an oncoming car off Hatfield Street.

    DPS officials said the bus was carrying 30 students at the time. Two children were taken by paramedic to Dayton Children's Hospital.

    “A lot of times they’re really fast and they come to a skidding stop,” Dayton resident Laurence Williams said.

    Williams lives on Hatfield Street, just a few houses down from the scene of the crash.

    He said drivers have a tendency of not stopping and speeding down his street.

    “You got to stop at that stop sign and then you got to be careful of people coming up the hill,” Williams said.

    The students were on their way to North Dayton School of Discovery and Trotwood Preparatory.

    Aside from the two students transported to Dayton Children's, there were no other reported injuries.

    The remaining students on the bus were taken to school or picked up by their parents.

    FOX 45 reached out to Dayton police to see if the bus driver or the other driver involved is being cited for the crash.

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