Two die in single car crash during snowy weather

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UPDATE: A 911 call made by a homeowner who jumped into action to help after seeing this crash was just released Tuesday.

"We have to get the child out," the caller said. "My husband and someone who stopped are trying to get to the other two passengers.

"I have the baby in the house," the caller continued. "She was crying when we got to the car, so I don't think she ever lost consciousness.

That baby was the only survivor in the crash.


SPRING VALLEY TOWNSHIP -- A Xenia family is in mourning after two relatives were killed in a single car crash.

The vehicle crashed on the grounds of Camp Jabez.

It happened in snowy conditions here on state route 3-80 in Spring Valley Township.

Fox was there shortly after the crash happened.

The Ohio Highway Patrol said three generations were in the pickup truck.

The driver, 49 -year-old Carl Perry Junior died at the scene.

His mother in law, 73- year-old Linda Davis died at the hospital.

Perry's young granddaughter was the only survivor.

"We have had somewhat of a rise in traffic fatalities in Greene County this year," said Ohio Highway Patrol Sergeant Richard Milstead.

The child was in a car seat in the back seat at the time of the crash, and was taken to the hospital with non life threatening g injuries.

It was snowing when the crash happened.

"We're not ruling out speed to be a factor for the roadway conditions," said Milstead.

The vehicle was traveling on Route 380 northbound when it went off the side of the road, went down an embankment and hit a sign, crashed through the fence and then hit the tree.

"It's tragic no matter what time of year it is but it is amplified because of the holidays, but it is tragic none the less," said Milstead.

He reminded drivers especially in snowy conditions, "Just slow down. Be careful, get to where you need to get to safe."

Greene County has 15 fatal crashes this year compared to 10 last year.

The deceased were not wearing seat belts but weren't ejected.

The child in the accident was taken to Children's Hospital in Dayton.

Xenia police picked up her mom and drove her to the hospital to be with her.

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