Troy City Schools to add exterior cameras to new buses, some old ones

Troy City Schools to add exterior cameras to new buses, some old ones (WKEF/WRGT)

TROY, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- The newest buses in the Troy City Schools' fleet will be outfitted with cameras on the outside to try and capture drivers who aren't stopping when the bus is letting off kids.

Some of the older buses already in service will be outfitted with cameras as well to deter drivers from going around the buses.

Bryan Kemper has several kids in the district, two of which ride the bus. He says he worries about drivers going around buses.

"I've seen that myself. I've seen it in Troy. I've seen it around. I do get worried," Kemper said.

Kemper says he's had his issues with the district in the past but says he's fully behind the decision to put the outside cameras on the buses.

"I think it's important for motorists to be held accountable if they're going to put children's lives in danger," Kemper said.

The new buses will have cameras that will record around the outside of the bus.

The cameras should record the license plate of any driver who decides they can't wait to go around.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman says there are a few reasons the district is getting the cameras.

"We've been having some problems with people ignoring our stop lights and our stop arm on the bus so we thought it'd be a great time, as we're adding them and buying them to go ahead and buy them," Herman said.

Herman says it'll make it a lot easier for police to catch someone who goes around a stopped bus.

"Now, when we go down to do a police report we don't have anything really to, other than we saw something. Now, it will be much nicer now that we will have a video that we can show, 'Here's what we saw. Here's the car that violated that,'" Herman said.

The older buses that receive cameras will be determined by complaints of drivers illegally passing on the route.

So, when do you have to stop for a bus? If you are going the same direction as the bus, you must stop at least 10 feet behind it as it loads or unloads kids no matter what.

Driving toward a bus depends on the number of lanes. Four or more and you do not need to stop.

If you get caught passing a stopped bus, you can get up to a $500 fine and your license suspended for up to a year.

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