Tiny home village planned for New Paris, Ohio

Tiny home village planned for New Paris, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)

NEW PARIS, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT)- Modern Tiny Living is a Columbus company building what are called tiny houses. As you can imagine, they’re tiny houses. They have all the amenities you need and the best part is you can take it anywhere. The company is set to create the first tiny house community in Ohio.

The tiny homes are built in Holmes County between Columbus and Akron.

The demo model has a full sink, a bathroom with a shower. It even has a washer/dryer.

Daniel Hamilton is the co-owner of Modern Tiny Living. Hamilton and his wife were looking into sustainable housing.

"Then through different contacts and through another friend, he said 'Hey have you thought about tiny houses?" Hamilton said.

The two had been looking for a new business and a year later they were building tiny houses.

Prices start at $18,000 if you just want the house but if you want a tiny house on wheels, the cost jumps up to $48,000

Hamilton says the two primary customers are millennials and baby boomers.

"Who are getting out of school. Who are more environmentally conscious, looking to have a smaller carbon footprint and looking for the fastest way to get out of debt," Hamilton said.

Hamilton says the baby boomers are looking to downsize.

"Maybe their kids just went off to college and they are looking for the fastest way to be able to retire and travel and enjoy their life," Hamilton said.

The first tiny house community is set to go in New Paris, near the Indiana border. The project started with a call from the landowner.

"And he says 'Hey, you know what, I have this piece of property, it's undeveloped. It's zoned to be an RV park. Have you guys ever thought about doing a tiny house community?' And we were like 'Yeah, absolutely. That would be amazing.'" Hamilton said.

Hamilton says they have already had several people sign pre-leases and many more are interested in the development.

If you're interested you can click here to learn more about the planned Tiny House Bash planned for August 5th.

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