Thousands of women nationwide are thanking police in new movement

BEAVERCREEK (WRGT) -- Thousands of women all across the country are banding together to praise local law enforcement. The movement touches all 50 states, and is happening in more than 500 cities.

The women are part of an online ministry called Beautifully Designed. After a recent trip to Dallas, members of the ministry decided to make an impact.

"Several weeks ago we were actually in Dallas, and witnessed one of the officer’s processionals,” said Ty Miller, “It really got a lot of us thinking how can we support our communities. What can we do?”

They got their kids involved by putting together gift baskets, a flag, and hand written notes.

"I wrote thank you for service and everything you do,” said youngster Julia Stubbs, “We really appreciate your hard work."

All the groups will be delivering the goodies on Monday. This particular “Thank you” is going out to the Beavercreek Police Department.

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