"This will just be a little hiccup," Experts say not to worry about volatile market

Specialist Michael Pistillo, left, and trader Brandon Barb work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Monday, Feb. 5, 2018. Stock markets around the world took another pummeling Monday as investors continued to fret over rising U.S. bond yields. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - The market bounced back Tuesday. The Dow gained 567 points after falling 1,175.14 points, a single-day record, Monday.

The market's recent volatility has many investors concerned, but financial experts are saying it's not time to panic.

"We've had 14 straight months of gains," Ryan Johnson of Buckingham Financial Group in Centerville said. "People just kind of temporarily have forgotten what it's like to have a down month, let along have a major down day."

In fact, Johnson says this could be the time to buy in.

"It's better to buy when there are periods of stress than it is when everything is at its best," he said.

Whether you're a major player in the market or have little knowledge of it, Johnson says the indicators are good regarding earnings growth and strong job numbers. That's good news for your 401Ks and pensions.

"It's really just a blip on what is a very long term investment horizon," he said. "We won't even notice it when we look back in a few years at the charts. This will just be a little hiccup."

Tuesday's closing bell saw more than two percent gains for the Dow and Nasdaq and a 1.74 percent gain for the S&P 500.

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