The Artemis Center holds a donation drive to help domestic violence victims


DAYTON, Ohio (WRGT/WKEF)- The Artemis Center hosted a donation drive Sunday for victims of domestic violence. The Artemis Center has served over 95,000 victims of domestic violence in the greater Dayton area. The donation drive was held at the AKP CrossFit Center on 8230 Expansion Way.

Creator of the Positive Peaceful Beautiful Facebook group Ashely Irvin said they are donating to the Artemis Center to help domestic and sexual abuse survivors start over.

“We are taking donations to help women get on their feet and start over. The donations that we are taking today will help these women.” said Irvin.

The donation drive will continue to support the victims that need a safe place to stay, provide family therapy programs and advise for taking legal action in a situation.

For more information on the Artemis Center or to donate visit this website.

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