Teens found tied up in Huber Heights home; one victim's dad found dead in Springfield park

Teens found tied up in Huber Heights home; one victim's dad found dead in Springfield park (WKEF/WRGT)

OHIO (WKEF/WRGT) - Two kids were found tied up after a reported home invasion in Huber Heights, then a few hours later, one victim's dad was found dead in a Springfield park.

Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation is aiding with the processing of both crimes.

"He would be the number one dad if you all knew. He took care of his kids, it's crazy," a man who knew Cedric Holt Jr. said.

The Clark County Coroner identified Holt as the man whose body was found in a park Tuesday afternoon, and Springfield authority has identified his home as the Shull Road address where Huber Heights were investigating the home invasion.

Police were called to the home Tuesday morning after a 911 caller who identified herself as one of the victims reported the two 14 year old were zip-tied inside the home. She said they united themselves before calling her.

Caller: "The house is a mess, they tied my kids up."
911 Dispatcher: "What?"

The caller said her son had told her the home invasion happened around 4 a.m., and involved a group of three men. They reportedly picked the lock on the front door and left through the back.

She also said Holt was nowhere to be found, and that her son told her he had left around 11 the night before.

Then around noon Tuesday, Springfield police were called to Virgil A. Mabra Park after a city worker called 911 and reported he found a body in a car on the nature trail.

"I've never known something so horrific to happen in this park right here. no shooting, no killing," Ralph Russell, who lives next to the park, said.

"He was a good person. I know he helps he community, he helps with the little football league," said one woman who claimed to know Holt Jr. and wished to be identified as Theresa, "All I can say is envy, jealousy, that's all that I can think of."

A black Impala was towed from the Springfield scene, and was also identified in the Huber Heights police report.

No arrests have yet been made, and the coroner's office has not said how Holt died. Police have also not given a detailed timeline as to how Holt got from his home to Springfield, leaving neighbors in Huber Heights uneasy.

"If they're bold enough to attack a house on Shull, a main road, it's like they could be bold enough to go next door," said Tylar Shaye, who lives next to the scene in Huber Heights.

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