Teen says she was victim in outrageous road rage case after being beaten at red light

Teen says she was victim in outrageous road rage case after being beaten at red light (WKEF/WRGT)

MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Miamisburg man is behind bars, accused of choking and beating a teen at a red light.

The victim called the attack an outrageous case of road rage.

The incident started at the intersection of State Route 725 and Gebhart Church Road around rush hour on Tuesday night.

"That was probably the longest I've ever had to sit at a red light," the 18-year-old victim Savannah Johnson said while holding back tears.

Johnson told FOX 45 that she had just picked up her little brother and sister from daycare, when the drive home turned unexpectedly violent.

"There was a guy behind me, I noticed him because he started honking and flipping me off and like riding my rear end, so I saw him in my mirror," Johnson said.

She said she was startled by the suspect's actions so she checked her speed, and was going exactly the speed limit.

"He was angry that I wasn't going faster I guess," Johnson said.

Johnson said when they stopped at the next red light, the gestures turned into physical violence.

"As soon as it turned red I heard him slam his car door and I saw him coming towards my car," Johnson said, "He got to my window. I was beginning to roll it up, but he started beating me in the head. Then once my window got almost up, he began to choke me and pull me out of the car by my neck."

Johnson said the suspect punched her in the head and choked her, while her siblings were in the back seat screaming.

"Then the light turned green and I just slammed on my gas," Johnson said, "I was in shock that it happened, I didn't feel any pain I was still in shock, I was shaking."

Johnson said she called 911, and followed the car to get a license plate.

Miamisburg Police identified the suspect as 59-year-old Brent Clark.

Clark has been charged with assault, and is currently in custody at the Montgomery County Jail.

Johnson said she was hospitalized for a concussion and now has to go to physical therapy for a neck injury.

"If I had it to do all over again I probably would have just put my car in reverse, or turned and gotten away from him," she said, "but I've never been in that situation before."

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