Fairborn students surprise classmate with special needs with a prom proposal

Fairborn students surprise classmate with special needs with a prom proposal (WKEF/WRGT)

FAIRBORN, Ohio (WKEF/WRGT) - A Fairborn High School student with special needs couldn't contain his joy as he got a surprise prom invitation from four of his classmates, and the video is now going viral.

Devon Smith normally waits by the lunchroom door so he can eat lunch with his friends, but on Monday, they went through another door to pull off the surprise.

"It was just amazing, his reaction," senior Jordan Wilson said.

"We wanted to get him included and give him a full experience," junior Elena North said, "and so we thought what better way than to surprise him in front of lunch, in front of all the rest of his friends."

Smith has special needs. He's going to prom with his sister, but now he has four more dates to take with him.

"We found out that he was allowed to go to prom and we just want to give him the whole experience of pictures, prom, dinner, everything," Wilson said. "We just want to make it special for him."

Wilson and North came up with the idea and got juniors Jarod Bodeker and Zayne Pacifico in on the lunchroom surprise.

"I was asked that night before we did it to go do it," Bodoker said, "and I was like, 'Devon's a cool guy', and I just want to make him happy."

"When I have the chance to include someone else to go to prom with us, especially to give them that opportunity, 'cause you know, prom is something you'll remember your entire life, so I feel like he deserves that," Pacifico said.

Fairborn's prom is this Saturday, and although Devon is a senior, it's his first time going to the dance.

"I think it will definitely make him, like not set him apart from everybody else," Pacifico said. "Inclusion is everything."

"He's always dancing 24-7 up and down the hallways and we thought he'd have a lot of fun, especially at an event where we're all dancing," North said.

Smith's friends have high hopes for his prom night.

"I hope he has a good time, cause he deserves it," Pacifico said. "I hope he's happy, he makes everybody else happy."

Saturday, the group will head to the park to have professional pictures taken before going to dinner, the prom and after prom together.

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